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Our strategic process is based on the scientific method, optimized for each unique brand.

There is no single approach. There is no single code. We listen. We ask questions. We identify what is needed to both get the information we need, and translate this to the people you need to speak to.
ToolBox™. Brands are often resistant to change because loyal consumers’ habits are rooted in the familiar. In order to mitigate risks associated with fresh thinking, Deskey created ToolBox, our proprietary methodology for understanding what visual equities a brand actually owns. We can measure the tolerance for change among your current loyal consumers. It also allows a brand to understand the visual vocabulary of the category to help inform where it might go in order to expand your footprint.
Understanding what visual equities a brand actually owns
KidsView™ is our proprietary methodology for uncovering consumer insights from the people who influence the purchase of your brand: kids, parents, and more. We gather this information through developmental, trend, and category knowledge. This helps inform strategy and design for kids’ packaging, advertising, identity, and product development.
Brandcepts™ are multimedia tools for testing new brand positioning concepts. They are uniquely designed to stimulate and read emotional as well as rational drivers, ensuring enduring positions that increase loyalty and inspire creative.