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Deskey 90th Anniversary

Throughout the year we will be celebrating the amazing things that have happened in the last 90 years at Deskey Branding. A lot can happen in 90 years—actually a lot can happen with 90 of anything. We love what we do, and we want to share it with you. And because we know how amazing 90 is, we want to say thanks to you by giving back. We know that we are here because of you, and it’s time to say thank you. Join us this year on this page and on social media to follow all the ways we are celebrating this milestone.

Deskey Flashback: The Bike That Wood Not Ride

It was 1942 and Lawrence Ottinger, president of U.S. Plywood Corp., wanted to take advantage of metal being a scarce commodity in wartime by showing people all the regular things he could make out of plywood. He decided to build a wooden bicycle (neither tested nor trendy back then) and hired Donald Deskey to design it. Donald had used unusual materials like cork in everyday products like wallpaper, so he seemed a natural choice for the bike project. It may have been the only time he should...

9 Question in 90 Seconds with Amy Jude Uhl

During #Deskey90, we’re not only celebrating the past but also the present! Follow along because, throughout the year, we’ll be getting to know the members of the Deskey team a little better, one notoriously slow elevator ride at a time — 9 Questions in 90 Seconds Amy Jude Uhl, Director of Growth – Dallas Cowboys Fanatic, Glitter Obsessed, Positivity Motivator