Who We Are

We are an independent branding agency
with a relentless drive for understanding
consumers and the world around us.

We are specialists in brand strategy and design who translate real insights
into beautiful creative that brands love and consumers can’t ignore.

We build brands that are personal, simple and true, and then help them grow and thrive in
today’s world. Great branding begins with a deep understanding of your business and your
consumer’s perspectives and feelings, and it ends with a brand that naturally, empathetically
creates connection and loyalty. That’s what we believe. That’s what we do.

What We Can Do for You

Brand<br> Creation
Brand Growth<br> & Stewardship
Brand Growth
& Stewardship
Brand Expression<br> & Activation
Brand Expression
& Activation

Whether you’re a new-to-the-world brand, a legacy brand, or are looking for fresh ways to express yourself in an ever-changing market, we can help you get where you want to go. We have proprietary approaches, a robust toolkit and a team of experts who will love your brand as much as you do. And as an independent agency with 90 years of success, we have the flexibility and experience to identify the tools and approaches that are right for your brand—no more, no less.

Our proprietary approach to innovation based in biomimicry, BluEarth™ uses nature as inspiration for brand and product development.

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Our ToolBox™ methodology lets us understand the visual equities you own and your loyal consumers’ tolerance for change.

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Our proprietary KidsView™ garners insights that lead to innovative product design, brand positioning and packaging for kid-targeted products.

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Some of Our Other Services

Brand Foundation
Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Landscape Audit
Brand Portfolio
Brand Extensions
Brand Identity Guidelines
Brand Education
Communication Plans
Employee Engagement
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Industrial Design
Out of Home
Digital Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Brand Kits
E-Commerce Experience
Digital: Web, Motion, Video

Some of Our People

Doug Studer

Chief Executive Officer/Partner

Becky Hyde–Nordloh

Chief Financial Officer

Doug Sovonick

Vice President/Chief Creative Officer

Amanda Matusak

Vice President, Brand Strategy

Joe Kruse

Vice President, Client Services

Carolyn Fields

Director of Client Development

Lianna McKenzie

Creative Director

Debbie Happe

Account Director

Matt Stephenson

Production Director

Donald Deskey


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