Be You, Be Brave

It’s a bit of an understatement to say the world is changing before our eyes. We’re all feeling unsettled, unsure of what’s ahead. It’s hard to predict what retail, restaurants, entertainment and e-commerce will look like in another year, but one thing’s for sure. They won’t look like last year, and that can be scary for brands because the people behind them naturally fear what they can’t see. It’s time for bravery. Brands need to be brave, to embrace the essential quality that makes way for growth in an uncertain marketplace.

At Deskey, bravery is a core value. We believe successful brands must stand for something. They must have a point of view. It takes courage for a company to put a stake in the ground, whether they’re rebranding, launching an extension or facing the challenge of a pandemic economy. Our job is to deliver the strategy, design and account support that allow our clients to be brave, to be confident that working alongside us, they’re planting their stake in bedrock. We’ve been growing brands for nine decades, and we’re not slowing down now. Granted, that takes a smidge of bravery on our part, but again, brave is who we are.


“Bravery is not a term often associated with brand strategy. When comparing qualities, many other occupations and even hobbies are more worthy of the adjective. Logging. Firefighting. Skydiving. Bravery, in its most relatable form, is a quality needed to achieve most goals, to overcome the inevitable barriers and challenges that stand in the way. 

“In brand strategy, bravery comes in asking the difficult questions, peeling back the layers, digging deeper into the research, analyses and hypotheses. To meet the project’s objective, we have to go beyond the brief in exploration, leaving no stone unturned. The ‘right way’ is sometimes the road less traveled, the unpopular, more difficult pathway. To achieve success, we have to stay objective, which can mean walking past the low-hanging fruit. 

“For brand strategists, bravery often takes the form of humility, of making ourselves vulnerable to myriad perspectives and trusting the team's collective understanding of the consumer. It’s the willingness to be brave and collaborative — another Be You characteristic — that makes success possible.” 

— Josh Wolfer, Senior Brand Strategist

Client Services

“As brand builders, we embrace change and the bravery required to make change even when it's wanted. We encourage bravery by bringing collaboration, diligence, confidence and honesty to the client relationship. Collaboration to articulate the vision and goals, diligence to create and maintain the project timeline, confidence to manifest breakthrough creative and push the strategy behind it, and honesty to flag concerns and conduct reality checks. We always have our clients’ and their consumers’ best interests at heart.”

— Hadley Savoldi, Client Manager


“Truly groundbreaking ideas are rare. When they’re unique and new, they’re not part of the collective consciousness yet, so they’re not readily accepted. It takes bravery to champion new ideas. Zigging, when everyone else is zagging, tends to draw attention, and that can be difficult for the creative whose stereotypical profile is that of an introvert with a fragile ego. 

“But seasoned designers will advocate for their ideas and defend them to both the internal team and clients. To do it successfully, designers have to arm themselves with research, educated opinions and above all else, conviction. When the designer prevails, and the concept is adopted, the reward for their bravery is the brand’s ultimate success and competitive advantage in the market. That’s why bravery is a hallmark of Deskey design and a principal company value.” 

— Doug Sovonick, VP, Chief Creative Officer

Be you, be brave. Go on and plant your stake in the ground. Just make sure it’s on solid ground.

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