Be You, Be Collaborative

No question that collaboration in the workplace looks different from pre-coronavirus days. Gone for now are morning huddles around the coffee pot, all-company meetings in the conference room and spontaneous-turned-serendipitous chats in the elevator. Nowadays, collaboration looks like Zoom meetings, text messages, group chats and long-form emails — and never has it been more vital. In this Be You series post, we’re talking about the significance of collaboration as we continue to work as one team, building brands together from our solo worksites.


"When you say the word collaboration, people usually picture a high-energy brainstorming session with twenty people working collectively on a big idea. That’s one kind of collaboration, and it’s usually productive. But the everyday kind of collaboration, where two or more people with different strengths and skills work together toward a common goal, is where the magic happens. It’s a relationship based on mutual respect, trust and understanding, and it involves not just listening, but genuinely hearing what colleagues and clients are saying. It’s asking probing questions to discover what’s behind each thought, to get to the seed of an idea. Once the seed is in hand, we can plant it, feed it and nurture it so that it blooms. And whatever the finished product, it’s much more likely to be successful because it was vetted through a collaborative process that took into account each person’s unique thoughts and talents."

—Doug Sovonick, VP, Chief Creative Officer

"Building brands is not about creating something the agency thinks is cool. It’s about collaborating with consumers and clients to understand their needs and then adding our strategic design expertise to bring them together. The art and science of branding are about taking an implicit need and values from both consumers and clients and making them explicit through design expression and experience. That is only possible by listening. We must always ask, understand and co-create — not force solutions on either the client or the consumer."

—Amanda Matusak, VP, Brand Strategy

"Collaboration is the bedrock of how we think about client service at Deskey. It’s what enables our relationships to endure and flourish. Collaboration means listening before acting, and every client interaction is met with open ears and an observant mind. Collaboration means diplomacy and challenging convention while pushing boundaries for powerful ideas. Collaboration means having a heart and love for the task we’re working on. We’re in it together, we all have skin in the game, and we will rise to success by empowering each other."

—Andy Snyder, Director of Business Development

Collaboration comes naturally to us at Deskey, even while we’re working from our dining room tables instead of the one in the conference room. Someday, we’ll be together again in one space, riding up to our sixth-floor offices in our painfully slow elevator, collaborating on Magnetic Poetry or that Really Big Idea. And we’ll forget how much we missed each other when internet connections took the place of in-person connections for all our safety.

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