Be You, Be Kind

It’s more than just a phrase. Kindness moves our work as designers, strategists and client managers.

Deskey’s core values are personal, simple and true. As brand builders, we believe brands should be personal so they connect emotionally with people, simple so they are memorable and spreadable, and true to their principles, no matter what.

This year, we're celebrating these values by reminding everyone around us to personally, simply, truly be you —to embrace your unique qualities. We’re doing it, too. We’re a unique branding agency and believe our work is shaped by the relationships we build. Collectively we’re team Deskey, but individually our perspectives and ideas are one of a kind and reflect our diverse areas of expertise — understanding brands, clients, and consumers. In this month of cupids and hearts, we’re talking about how we embody the quality be kind in our work.


“Design has the power to move consumers to action. It’s at its best when it moves people to kind and loving acts, for example, when it informs underserved parents how best to care for their sleeping infants, like we do with Cradle Cincinnati. Or when we move citizens to take action and become good stewards of the earth, like we do with Green Umbrella. We owe it to each other to encourage all our clients to employ a kinder message as we design the experiences consumers have with their brands. After all, we are all humans who thrive on kindness and love.”

—Doug Sovonick, VP, Chief Creative Officer

“As brand strategists, kindness is fundamental to our ability to empathize with the consumer. To be kind is to evaluate consumers not as just customers or users or target audiences, but as people—people who have good days and bad days, hopes and fears. As we imbue meaning into brand experiences, it is our responsibility as strategists to consider that experience in context of a person’s life. Through consideration and kindness, we have an opportunity to think beyond just the brand experience to influence meaningful moments of connection that will have a positive effect on that person.”

—Josh Wolfer, Senior Brand Strategist

“Our job as client services professionals is to be the middle ground, to understand what everyone needs to be successful and then translate all that information into a winning project. This requires kindness and empathy on a number of levels from connecting with our clients and contacts and what’s going on in their organizations, to stepping into the shoes of our creative and strategy counterparts to understand their needs, to making sure our partners and vendors in the loop have what they need.”

—Joe Kruse, VP, Client Services


Be kind — it’s a quality we bring to all our relationships and all our work, from initial client contact to design to the consumer experience. We hope you do, too. 


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