Be You, Be Personal

Deskey’s core values are personal, simple and true. As brand builders, we believe brands should be personal so they connect emotionally with people, simple so they are memorable and spreadable, and true to their principles, no matter what. 

In this month of uncertainty and change, we’ve asked our branding experts to talk about what it means to be personal in our work (while keeping all-important social distance, of course). Handshakes can always be replaced with elbow bumps, but relationships with you — our clients, partners and friends — cannot be replaced.


We define brands as a collection of experiences, so brand design is more than just a logo. Design is the heart of a brand — it establishes the character, the tone and the soul of the brand from the ground up. So every detail of a design is personal to that brand and also to the designer bringing it to life. I see the passion that our team puts into creating the work. On the consumer side, while strategy ensures that the content has depth, it’s design that creates the personal connection between the consumer and the brand.

— Doug Sovonick, VP, Chief Creative Officer

Client Services

“Being personal” as a member of the client services team means bringing your authentic self to the job so you are fully present to see your client for the person they are. Being present allows you to assess your client’s needs and also get to know them personally. From professional goals to family to their favorite ice cream flavor — it’s all about getting up close and personal in that relationship.

— Christine Robbins, Account Director


At Deskey, we take branding personally. As strategists, to get personal, we stay objective. Regardless of the category, product or consumption habit, we don’t allow our personal opinions or feelings to impact the way we perceive the consumer experience so we can better understand that experience. We do, however, want to understand consumers on a personal level – what they value and believe and how they live those values through their behaviors, thoughts and feelings. With this level of understanding, we help brands affect the role they play in their consumers' lives by improving their brand experience and integrating it into their lifestyle. 

— Josh Wolfer, Senior Brand Strategist

Be personal — it’s not only a core company value, it’s also something we strive for in our everyday lives. All of us at Deskey are doing our part to stop the spread of Covid-19, as we know you are. In this strange new normal of distancing ourselves from co-workers, family, friends and neighbors, we encourage you to keep calling, texting, video chatting — keep checking in with the people you care about both for their well-being and yours. We’re all adapting to new routines we couldn’t have imagined a month ago, and it’s uncomfortable. But we’re all in this together, and we’ll get through it together. We wish you and your loved ones good health. 

— Doug Studer, CEO/Partner

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