Be You, Be Purposeful

Much like a brand is a collection of experiences, purposeful work is a collection of decisions, big and small, that we make every day to serve our greater purpose of connecting our clients with their consumers. No decision is made lightly, especially those that involve the people we seat in our studio: the colleagues we bring on board, the clients we go after and the partners we choose to work with. In this Be You series post, three of our experts describe how being purposeful comes to life in the hands of their teams.  

“Being purposeful is displayed in our determination to get the job done well, period. Our clients hire us to help them achieve their goals, whether that’s increasing brand awareness, increasing sales or having a more impactful presence at shelf. As designers, we make every choice with purpose. We keep in mind the end goal and the brand’s character, values and visual equities. Then we go to our palette of elements, color, type, texture, shape, imagery, movement and copy. We align those choices with the brand’s goals and use our aesthetic to create purposeful, beautiful, successful designs.”

—Doug Sovonick, VP, Chief Creative Officer

“As client managers, being purposeful is critical. Guiding clients and teams toward a collective vision requires intentionality in every step along the way. We have a robust toolkit, but we have to balance the right processes with the client’s overarching objectives. This customized project framework sets the stage for meaningful and strategic brand and design development.”

—Debbie Happe, Account Director

“There are so many ways to describe being purposeful. 

“The first rule of strategy is, context is everything. Being purposeful is about identifying the target consumer and the places, moments in time and even the mood in which the customer is most open emotionally to receive the brand’s message. It’s an intentional, focused gathering of facts and insights based on research and testing.

“Then again, we can be purposeful even when our audience thinks we’re wandering off-topic. As strategists and innovators, we take people’s brains on a journey to discover unexpected connections. So even when it seems like our story has no point, there's always a purpose hidden in there somewhere. Trust your strategist.

“Another way of looking at being purposeful is working for a higher purpose. That’s a more personal approach, but doing work backed by values means no task is a chore. Everything is done with intention, which brings about higher internal satisfaction and better results. We always work happiest when we work with a sense of purpose. 

“Think about your purpose. Borrow brilliance from the world around you. Then be purposeful in achieving your goals. The journey just might delight you.”

—Amanda Matusak, VP, Strategy

American writer Frederick Buechner said, “Purpose is the place where your deep gladness meets the world’s needs.” At Deskey, our “deep gladness” is putting our heads and hands together to meet our clients’ needs for strong relationships, innovative strategy and brilliant design that keep their brands at the top of consumers’ minds.


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