Be You, Be Simple

Simplicity works with the human brain to make brands memorable. That’s knowledge we’ve capitalized on over the decades and a principle we believe in so passionately, we’ve made it part of our promise to build brands that are “personal, simple and true.” For this month’s Be You post, we asked our experts to tell us how they work simple into the design, client services and strategy behind memorable brands. Our CEO lays the foundation. 


“Merriam-Webster describes simple as something ‘readily understood or performed.’ Simplicity in that light is at the center of any successful brand, and branding is at the center of all we do. Not to say that simple is easy — that’s something very different. We’re saying that with a simple, solid brand foundation, execution becomes a personal and authentic expression of that brand’s core values. That expression resonates with like-minded people, and those simple ideas spread and really can change behaviors in simple but positive ways.”

—Doug Studer, CEO and Biomimicry 3.8 Specialist

“’Answer the complex with simplicity’ is a guiding principle for all of us at Deskey. It means helping clients weave through dense challenges by breaking down the parts and clearing a straight path forward. It means choosing to be practical rather than abstract because we have to solve real human problems, and the simple answer is usually the right one. At the end of the day, whether we’re finishing an internal brainstorm or a client strategy session, we want people to feel like ‘gosh, that was easy’ interacting with Deskey.”

—Andy Snyder, Director of Business Development

“Amid today’s information overload, it takes a simple message to cut through the clutter. When the design is the message, the simple one is usually the most striking, compelling and memorable — precisely what a brand wants. Designing a simple message takes more time, care and consideration than one that is complex, and it starts with a strong creative brief that has a clear and concise priority of communication. Then each element must be considered — each color, each type choice, each illustration must be purposeful and work succinctly to achieve the desired consumer experience. We have to strip away superfluous design and boil down the message to its most pure and instinctive form. That’s not an easy task, but it’s well worth the work.”

—Doug Sovonick, VP, Chief Creative Officer

“Being simple is creating a project scope that pulls the right tools for the job. We have a lot of process tools that we can use on any given project, so for every client, we customize the scope to match their particular goals. The worst thing we could ever do is complicate things by making a client use a set-in-stone process that needlessly adds to the cost of a project.”

—Joe Kruse, VP, Client Services

“To be simple, or invoke simplicity, is more than just seeking the absence of complexity; it’s the process of translating a brand's complexities and strategy into values and beliefs that are easily understood by consumers. When building strategic frameworks, such as brand architecture, the goal is to ensure that a brand's offerings are organized simply enough for consumers to navigate them easily. It’s creating the brand experience that things ‘work like they should.’”

—Josh Wolfer, Senior Strategist

Brands that are simple for consumers to discover, buy and take home are memorable, and memorable brands build loyalty and market share. It’s really that simple.

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