Be You, Be True

We have spent this past year reflecting on what it means to us to be personal, simple and true, and some of the other qualities we believe it takes to succeed in that endeavor — kindness, empathy, curiosity, collaboration, purposefulness and bravery. No matter how much our world has seismically shifted this year, these qualities are the truths that will always guide us. 

Today, as life moves at the speed of business, truth is more important than ever. In fact, authenticity is the only currency that really matters. While it’s true that Deskey values play as much as hard work, no one has time for games when it comes to how we strive for our own and our clients’ success. 

Those brands, including ours, that have stayed true to their core values will learn and grow from 2020. It was different, for sure, but somehow, it also made us better. Branding is always personal, simple is never easy, and the truth is an endless journey. But it is always worth it.

Below are some of the quotes from our Be You series that I think best illustrate how we embrace our principal values as client managers, designers and strategists. 

— Doug Studer, CEO and Biomimicry 3.8 Specialist

“Guiding clients and teams toward a collective vision requires intentionality in every step along the way. We have a robust toolkit, but we have to balance the right processes with the client’s overarching objectives.”

— Debbie Happe, Account Director

“The everyday kind of collaboration, where two or more people with different strengths and skills work together toward a common goal, is where the magic happens. It’s a relationship based on mutual respect, trust and understanding, and it involves not just listening, but genuinely hearing what colleagues and clients are saying.”

— Doug Sovonick, VP, Chief Creative Officer

“The human experience is a shared experience, but we all live with our own perspectives. Empathy is the active attempt to understand others’ perspectives. In branding, as in life, it begins with observation — taking time to wonder and learn about people’s state of being rather than about how quickly they can be labeled and categorized.”

— Amanda Matusak, VP, Strategy

Thank you for following our Be You series this year. All of us at Deskey wish you a bright, happy 2021 that is personal, simple and true.

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