Deskey CEO Retires After 43 Years, Names First Woman CEO in Agency’s 91-Year History

Cincinnati, Ohio, April 30, 2021: Deskey Branding has announced that Doug Studer is retiring from his role as Chief Executive Officer after 43 years with the strategy and design agency. Doug has chosen long-time business partner Becky Hyde-Nordloh as his successor and majority shareholder of the privately owned agency. Becky joins a small minority of female CEOs who head women-owned creative agencies in the United States and is the first woman to lead Deskey in its 91-year history.

“I have loved this job and the people I’ve worked with,” Doug said. “But after 43 years, it’s time to hand over the reins to the next generation of leaders. Becky has the vision, creative energy and passion for taking Deskey into the future, for gathering new and diverse voices around the table.”

Doug joined Deskey in 1978 and had been CEO since 1999. He positioned Deskey to stay ahead of industry changes throughout his tenure, informed by the evolving global and cultural landscape. “I am most proud that through all the zigs and zags we’ve encountered over the years, we have been fearless in our approach,” he said. “Through it all, we stayed true to who we are and what we know, and we used that knowledge not as an anchor but as a springboard to what could be.”

“It’s been an honor to work for Doug for more than 20 years,” said Amanda Matusak, Chief Strategy Officer, recognizing Doug as one of the few CEOs in the industry who is a true proponent of gender equity and inclusion. “He took a chance on me at the beginning of my career and has always supported me personally and professionally. Doug created an environment that allowed me and others to carve out a space that celebrates our skills and unique views of the world and compensates for our shortcomings by relying on each other’s strengths. I hope he’s proud of how we will move forward as a team, forever grounded in his wisdom and humor.”

Becky Hyde-Nordloh joined Deskey in 1989 and has served in a variety of executive roles, including Chief of Human Resources and Finance. As CEO, she will stay keenly focused on growing an internal team that reflects the diverse abilities, experiences and backgrounds our clients’ brands speak to. “We have a brilliant group of talented people, and we’re together on this journey to greater inclusion and diversity in our studio,” said Becky. “These values were etched under the leadership of my friend, partner and mentor, Doug Studer. He recognized that the more varied voices and viewpoints we bring to our work, the better the work.”

A Certified Biomimicry 3.8 Specialist, Doug will remain involved with the agency through its BluEarth practice as Biomimicry Innovation Guide.

Reflecting on the only job he’s had since graduating from college, Doug said, “There’s a picture in my office that reads, ‘Leaders only exist in the minds of those who follow them.’ It was given to me years ago, and it has guided me to this day. I’ve had the privilege of leading this sometimes-eccentric family for over 40 years, and I’ve learned that when you value smart, authentic people, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. I’ll be passing that picture on to Becky. It has served me well to remember that without the support of those you lead, you are not a leader.”

Carolyn Fields, Director of Client Development

About Deskey
Deskey is an independent, woman-owned branding agency specializing in strategy and design to create empathetic brands. We are an inclusive agency that does our best work when employees bring their authentic selves to the job. We seek clients and organizations who share our belief that our creative team’s different backgrounds and experiences make your brand more relatable to more people in more places.

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