Introducing Andy Snyder, Director of Business Development

Deskey is pleased to welcome Andy Snyder back to his hometown of Cincinnati as our Director of Business Development. In his new role, Andy is focusing his passion for branding on connecting Deskey’s strategy and design teams with client opportunities to grow our legacy of helping brands discover what’s personal, simple and true.

“Andy brings a great combination of energy and experience that will drive our business development strategy and focus on our core competencies: brand creation, growing successful brands and brand activation,” said Joe Kruse, VP of Client Services. “We were lucky to find that perfect combination of understanding how to talk branding and design with our clients and that drive and competitiveness to win.”

Andy joins Deskey from Hook advertising in Charleston, SC, where, for more than two years he helped clients launch category disruptors like a cannabis-infused beverage. Ready for new adventures, Andy said, “Deskey has long represented excellence both in consumer thinking and building brands to deliver on that thinking in the most powerful ways. The chance to help lead growth and drive one of the nation’s great strategy firms forward is a dream opportunity for me!”

Away from work, Andy loves golfing and practicing his Jack Nicholson impersonation on Buster, a Lab/Rottweiler mix who's already at home at Deskey. Between that and memorizing the Led Zeppelin catalog, Andy earned a bachelor of strategic communication degree from the College of Charleston with honors. And he once caddied for baseball’s Roger Clemens, but that’s a story for another time. 

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