Josh Wolfer Promoted to Senior Brand Strategist

Deskey is pleased to announce the promotion of Josh Wolfer to Senior Brand Strategist. Josh interned with Deskey while in college at Ohio University, and a few months after he graduated, we received an email with the subject line “former intern turned eager applicant.” Seven years later, we’re pretty sure we made the right choice.

Josh has played a crucial role in projects for many clients including Cincinnati Public Radio, Bush Brothers, Children Inc., Intuit, ProAmpac, and Whirlpool. In his new role, Josh provides leadership as well as client and creative inspiration for key accounts.

“Josh has an amazing attitude and a sense of humor that make him a pleasure to work with,” said Amanda Matusak, VP of Brand Strategy, “and his depth of work crossed with his ability to keep a finger on the pulse of today’s consumer make him a valued teammate on every project he touches.”

When he’s not unearthing insights in the office, Josh can be found enjoying the great outdoors with his new wife and their dog Henry — a handsome furball you should see on our About Deskey Dogs page.

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