Narrow Your Focus. Expand Your Reach.

The great thing about a successful brand is that you start to appeal to customers outside your target.

The terrible thing about a successful brand is that sometimes, you chase those customers.

When companies are losing marketing focus, they are usually trying to be all things to all people. Misguided line extensions and too many brands to support are symptoms of companies with a lack of brand focus. End-users want brands that are narrow in scope with a specialist’s expertise in their category; brands that are the leading authority among all competition.

Ironically, the narrower your focus, the stronger your appeal. Customers aspire to exclusivity. They like belonging to a tribe. If you can maintain the exclusivity of your brand, you can continue to appeal to your core target as well as the customers who see themselves wanting to be in that target. Keeping your brand on track and focused is critical for long-term success.

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