New Product Launch: Luvs Wipes Out Category Expectations

We get Luvs moms. They’re experienced. They know what works. And with a baby or two under their belt, they’re more focused on the go-to essentials that help them manage the daily chaos versus the litany of products they collected to micromanage baby #1’s every move.

For instance, mom knows baby wipes have more uses than fingers, faces and bottoms — these wettish wonders see duty on surfaces everywhere, plus toys, spills and splatters, and her own hands.

Understanding the Luvs mom’s perspective helped us work with the brand to launch Luvs Wipes. We developed the designs to fit as a natural extension of the brand. Packaging and in-store materials disrupted the category with unique visuals of typical messy uses and sassy language that align to the Luvs parent’s lifestyle. Cute and cuddly? Not for this mom!

And so, Luvs Wipes were introduced to a sticky, smeared and smudged world, the first baby wipes marketed as alternate-use to moms. Savvy moms who appreciate that Luvs gets them. Just as we do.

To learn more visit our case study.

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