Simplicity in Action

What a brand does is never simple. We have worked with financial organizations who operate under some of the most complex conditions we’ve ever seen, technology companies who tackle tax laws and decades of legal research, and CPG companies whose packages do battle every day on shelves packed with competitors.

It’s easy to layer. It seems like a good idea to add features, to bring anything out that says NEW and IMPROVED and BETTER. But these things can confuse the customer, make them doubt their choice. There are products out there with features they’re not sure they need and never use.

Communicating complexity doesn’t help any of us. We can find complexity in anything. The art of the simple is a glimmer of hope, just for a moment, that we can sit under a tree and read a book. If your brand doesn’t find that simple promise, and commit to the strategy and design to communicate it, you’re going to be more and more noise in a world where we are always searching for the signal.

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