Strong Women Inspire Powerful Design

This past month, Deskey was privileged to host Words of Wisdom, a community gallery show presented by AIGA Cincinnati and WomanUp in honor of Women’s History Month. The annual fundraiser showcased inspiring words from women around the world, famous or not, from any period in time. Local artists, designers, and everyone in between depicted their favorite female quotes on 8-inch-square mattes, most of which were sold at the show for under $50 each. The focus of the artwork ranged from historical figures and pop culture icons to mothers, sisters, and grandmothers — all of whom were chosen because their words had inspired the artist.

Deskey was joined at the show by our friends from Queens Village, a group of women who are pretty inspiring themselves. We recently worked with Queens Village to develop their brand identity and messaging for their initiative, which was developed by Cradle Cincinnati and brings Black women together to combat issues that are unique to their lives during and after pregnancy. Black women have a higher risk of experiencing infant death than any other ethnicity due to chronic stress from racism. Queens Village understands this stress and connects women with women who work to implement solutions to improve maternal health and birth outcomes in the Black community.  

Truly inspired by their stories and passion to make real change for Black women, the Deskey team crafted a brand identity rich in African heritage, female strength, and authenticity, giving Queens Village women the tools and the voice they need to inspire others in the Cincinnati community.



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