Welcome to Our Brand New Website!

We completely rebuilt our website to better serve you — our clients and friends, job seekers and curious others who want to get to know us better. Our new website is all about the work. Now you can quickly, easily access the content you care about the most, including how we’ve solved market issues in specific product categories (Pets and Their People, Food and Snacks, Health and Beauty Aids, Not-for-Profit, Parents and Babies and Private Brands). We share some of our insights along with case studies that don’t just tell stories but also make bold visual statements. We proudly nod to our history, to what has influenced us for the last 89 years and how we’ve influenced brands over that same time. Our heritage is our foundation. From it we’ve always sought new ways to understand just what makes consumers behave the way they do. From the emotion behind the purchase decision to the science that gives it meaning, we know how, when and where to connect with consumers. Launching this new site has been a lot like the story of the cobbler’s children needing shoes — clients came first. Nevertheless, with tremendous effort by project lead Katie Dicken and her team over the past nine months, we are finally stepping out in shiny new soles. Now we want to know what you think. Take a look around, explore. There are snapshots of some of our people and pets, updates from our social media accounts to entertain and inform, and links to partner agencies. Send us your comments or suggestions, or ask whatever question is on your mind at info@deskey.com. We look forward to hearing from you!
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