What is a Brand?

A brand is a collection of experiences accumulated over a lifetime. A brand can represent nothing, or it can represent the world. A brand isn’t a thing. It’s a collective experience that is very much alive. What your brand means can change. You can manage it.

Legally defined: A brand is a proprietary trademark for a specific product or service.

Conceptually defined: It is a contract from the company to its customers. A promise of specific benefits, consistency and value.

Emotionally defined: It's an experience that lives in the mind of the consumer. An emotional bond that assures satisfaction and builds loyalty.

Brands help people decide what kind of world they want to live in.

In the absence of branding, we’d have chaos. Everything would be a commodity product. We would compete on price, release products without fanfare.

In an age of vast product choice, competitive threats, financial uncertainty, information clutter and parity products, a strong brand is the key to survival. It’s one of the most valuable tools a business can own.

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