The Wolf Pack

You won’t find it on many lists of job satisfaction surveys. It’s difficult to quantify. It’s tangential, ephemeral, and something most working people never experience.

We’re talking, of course, about finding a tribe.

Early in life, we form tribes without thinking. Boys vs. girls. Mrs. Snow’s third grade class vs. Mr. Haldeman’s. Even up to and including college, we easily gather around like-minded people, forming connections that feel like they will last a lifetime. Sometimes, they do.

But in the working world, we quickly learn that tribes are overrated and ephemeral, more a happy accident than a real, lasting bond. In a company, everyone is a lone wolf. Out for glory or advancement. Capitalism is a zero-sum game; you’re a winner or you’re a loser, and there is no in between.


Unless you recognize the power of running in a pack, of having your weaknesses protected and your strengths exponentially multiplied. Unless you are able to see that the victory of the team is deeper and longer lasting than anything you can do on your own.

Most people from Deskey were once lone wolves. In any other organization, we’d be rattling cages, clutching our iconoclasm and basically making a career out of not fitting in. But we found a tribe. And honestly, none of us can imagine working anywhere else.

Because when you’re running in a pack like this, it no longer seems like work.

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