Growing Brands Through Nature’s Inspiration

The Deskey BluEarth Practice is our proprietary approach to innovation based in biomimicry, using nature as inspiration for brand and product development. The foundation of our industry expertise comes from Deskey, where design has shaped life for more than 90 years. We helped invent modern branding, and our people have driven product design for some of America’s most iconic brands. Today, we leverage that experience in BluEarth to align with life’s principles using biomimicry to find inspiration in nature to more sustainably solve strategy, branding and design challenges.

Everything we do is rooted in systems and approaches that nature has honed over billions of years.

Through our BluEarth Practice, we seek to partner with like-minded clients and groups whose intentions are to positively change our collective future through sustainability.

Doug Studer


Certified in Biomimicry 3.8 from Arizona State University, Doug finds answers for business and design challenges through the practice of biomimicry, looking to nature as inspiration, mentor, and classroom. Combining that passion with 40 years of experience in branding, he hopes to make a positive impact on the environmental conditions of the world through both his work and his life.

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