A New Vision Leads to a Rebrand

Deskey is a branding agency but it’s also a brand. Over the years, a lot of people have interacted with our brand and have their own perspective about who we are. We are grateful to our storied history, for the lessons learned and the growth we’ve achieved. After much introspection and self-evaluation, we purposefully made the decision that now is the time to forge a new path in branding.

We are excitedly writing the next chapter in Deskey history as only we can: with a rebrand! We’re focused on changing our perspective and the lens through which we view our work, our clients, and ourselves. While we will always create beautiful design and super smart strategy, we’re being more purposeful in the role perspective plays in doing so.

visual of key deskey attributes: "women owned and led", "a culture of learning & unlearning", "diversifying our people & partners".

Last year we moved forward and became a fully woman-owned and led branding and design agency. Our diverse employees, rich in varying experiences and perspectives, help to cultivate a culture that makes us uniquely qualified to take on the future of branding.

Brand in Perspective

What does that mean? It means that we acknowledge and celebrate that everyone — you, me, and people around the world — has their own distinctive perspective. That there is magic when we each share our perspectives and listen, really listen to those of others.

Including and honoring diverse perspectives require forward-thinking methods to connect people to brands and brands to people. Because we look at the world through new lenses we are more easily able to illuminate your brand’s way forward.

Three diverse individuals

Let us explain.

We’ve found that real insight and answers come not just from trend watching, but from listening to and seeking inspiration from outliers and underrepresented groups — people who don’t always get the opportunity to or have the privilege to voice their thoughts and opinions. There are so many truths waiting to be uncovered, so many needs waiting to be met. We just have to be willing to listen, to question our own perspectives, and harness the power of your brand to illuminate the full potential of this thing we call life.

When we have the ability to look at things from divergent perspectives, we reveal solutions that are totally innovative and completely unexpected. It can inspire a new normal and improve life for all involved, and it can create new audiences never even considered before.

It’s an exciting (and sometimes scary. But mostly exciting.) time to be alive as people are questioning the status quo and reclaiming power. Every time a human finds peace with themselves by understanding who they are and where they came from, the world gets just a little bit better. By truly walking the walk and embracing identity diversity, we are uniquely positioned to build meaningful relationships with you as we move your brand toward a better future.

We hope you’ll come along on the journey with us.

About the Author
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Written by Deskey. The people – not the corporate entity. We are collective to the point of co-dependence, but that’s ok because when we come together, we always create something better than any one mortal could on their own.