deskey vantage branding and innovation process

Brand innovation never comes from an easy, comfortable place. It happens when we are forced to take notice.

Enter Deskey Vantage, a custom process designed to make you stop assuming others are having the same experiences as you and instead,  think more about walking in their shoes.

We look at your brand through multiple perspectives, giving voice to members of underrepresented communities and other unexpected sources. This allows us to see your brand through new, esoteric lenses to identify opportunities that will make your brand irresistible for tomorrow’s consumers.

The outcome is actionable brand tools for growth, either through the development of new products and services or through new positioning and design.

We’ve done it before with brands from Vicks to Target to Queens Village. And we can do it with you.

Who is the Deskey Vantage Process For?

  • Brands desiring innovation for a product, service, or positioning
  • Brands ready to stretch and become more inclusive
  • Leaders seeking to jump-start a significant initiative with their team
  • Teams looking to connect and challenge themselves to think differently
  • Teams needing to perform virtually and collectively with agility and speed
  • Anyone with Zoom fatigue

What You Get

Deskey Vantage is a journey of discovery that is incorporated as part of a traditional strategic branding or innovation project. Rather than relying on linear thinking, we accelerate the project with experience-based activities embedded with challenging perspectives that lead to more inclusive brand design.

About the Author
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Written by Deskey. The people – not the corporate entity. We are collective to the point of co-dependence, but that’s ok because when we come together, we always create something better than any one mortal could on their own.