Introducing Carolyn Fields, Director, Client of Development

We are excited to welcome Carolyn Fields to Deskey as Director of Client Development. In her new role, Carolyn is focusing her passion for branding on connecting Deskey’s strategy and design teams with new client opportunities to grow our legacy of helping brands discover what’s personal, simple and true.

“Carolyn’s experience and energy are a great addition to our team,” said Joe Kruse, Vice President, Client Services. “I’m looking forward to working alongside her as we grow our client base.”

Carolyn brings to Deskey a well-established track record of growth and achievement across client relationships, business development, team management, marketing, and planning. Among her credentials, Carolyn spent two years as VP, Business Development at Big Red Rooster in Columbus, OH, and 16 years at Interbrand in a number of senior executive positions.

She is also an accomplished interior designer who appreciates all types of design. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to work with an amazing team of brave and creative thinkers,” she said. “Deskey provides a design nerd like me the chance to celebrate and share a rich history of innovation and inspiring thought leadership with a broad range of individuals and organizations.”

One of two native Canadians at Deskey (Amanda Matusak is the other), Carolyn holds a bachelor’s degree from Ryerson University in Toronto. Away from work, she enjoys traveling and sailing with her husband and two daughters and is an accredited soccer coach and trainer. She is also the proud pet mom of an unlikely trio of dogs: an Irish wolfhound and two Welsh Pembroke corgis that we suspect love taunting the family’s lone cat, Muck. Welcome to Deskey, Carolyn!  

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