Making Women’s History at Deskey

This year we transitioned from 92 years of male ownership and creative leadership to become a company owned and led solely by women. As part of our change, we have put a lot of thought and intention into creating a culture that is better not only for women, but for all our teammates.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we would like to celebrate some of the initiatives that we have brought to life. These initiatives impact not only our Deskey team, but it’s our hope that they will be catalysts for the creative industry, an industry that needs to do better for women. Did you know over half of graphic designers are women, yet only 11% of creative directors are women? This is not okay.

But we digress. Let’s start with the basics:

  • Our c-suite is filled with women
    (Chief Executive Officer, Chief Creative Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, and Chief Client Officer)
  • We believe in and HAVE equity in pay for women
  • We offer postpartum support, easing the back-to-work transition for new parents
    (e.g., lactation room, a graduated back-to-work schedule)

And beyond that:

  • We support working moms and the belief that you CAN have a career and a family
  • We support working dads so that they can be the best partner to their spouse
  • We offer a flexible work schedule for everyone, with meetings concentrated from 9am-3pm, promoting a healthy work-life balance
  • We have a kids room for when life happens, and the kids need a place to hang when their parents are working at the office
  • We believe in the importance of representation and are developing a mentoring program called Everything In Between, to introduce young women in high school to potential job opportunities within the creative industry

We are deeply committed to doing this work, not only because it is the humanly right thing but because selfishly, we believe this will produce better work. We believe to stay relevant to the next generation we need to better reflect the world around us.

We’ve discovered that when you care for those teammates who are disproportionately impacted by realities, like childcare, everyone wins. It turns out everyone can use a little flex in their schedules once in a while.

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