Welcome Back, Graphic Design Associate Brandon Martin

Deskey is very happy to welcome back Brandon Martin (he/him) as Graphic Design Associate. Brandon worked with Deskey’s design team as a co-op last year while a student at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Now a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in graphic communication design, Brandon rejoins Deskey with a passion for motion design. He works alongside our strategy and client services teams to design content for various platforms including web, video, and social media.

Brandon’s happy to share what brought him back to his old stomping ground. “The Deskey team has always felt like a family and has done everything possible to help me professionally and personally,” he says. “People here are just as concerned about having happy, healthy employees and helping them grow as they are about producing incredible work.” Brandon has also been a graphic designer with Oswald Co. and lead graphic designer with the nonprofit Strength Through Struggle.

“Brandon’s passion for inclusive design and his digital savviness will be an integral part of Deskey’s next chapter,” says Lianna McKenzie, Chief Creative Officer (she/her). “We are so excited to have him on board as a full-time team member. He is an incredibly talented designer with so much potential. He’s already making waves and infusing fresh perspectives across the studio.”

A super-traveler who counts Toronto, Ontario, as his favorite destination and Denver, Colorado, as his next stop, Brandon finds creative inspiration in music, pop culture, family, and friends. And sports. For his college capstone project, he invented a multimedia campaign that brings awareness to color vision deficiency (commonly called color blindness) in the National Football League. Given that one in 12 players and spectators cannot tell red jerseys from green or yellow jerseys from blue, we give the project an A-plus.

Glad to have you back, Brandon!

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