Unpacking What Makes a Masterbrand

Packaging companies Prolamina and Ampac merged to become ProAmpac. The new organization brought together two major players in the industry to deliver an even greater array of quality products, innovation and customer service. 

The company had plans to grow quickly through a merger and acquisition strategy. However, 70% of all M&As fail due to cultures being unable to integrate. 

When we created the new ProAmpac brand identity, we knew it had to overcome the common M&A pitfalls. enlightened them onThis meant building a brand that helps employees stay focused on shared goals during times of change.

We aligned the ProAmpac’s business strategy with their brand strategy to provide a platform for growth,, and we built a strong organizational foundation that is flexiblecan flex to easily accommodate future mergers and acquisitions.

Inspired by the brand strategy, we developed visual and verbal assets for the ProAmpac masterbrand to provide, both visually and verball y, providing cohesiveness and consistency for every customer touchpoint —and just as importantly, for employees. 

Client: ProAmpac