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No Such Thing as “Empty” Calories

We eat with our eyes. And hearts. And increasingly, with purpose. Every one of us has an evolving relationship with food, and if someone looks in our shopping cart, they can see where we are on the journey. Food choices reflect our insecurities and hopes, from clean label to highly engineered nutrition bars to comfort food. So, while food fills many roles — fuel, social accessory, mood enhancer, health, cultural unifier — it is very personal. Each of us explores our own desires and individual palate.

Household penetration starts with converting browsers into buyers. We work with food brands large and small to understand the consumer and the competitive landscape, clarifying the job to be done as well as what claims will help carve out your share of plate.

So, while not all calories have nutritional value, each one is chock-full of consumer relevance.

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Steak ’n Shake

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