Our Salt-of-the-Earth Chip Family

This story is about our ability to collaborate with a close-knit family-run company, which presents a dynamic that’s much different from typical corporate politics. For Mikesell’s, it was important to bring everyone along on the journey from the people on the sales team to the family members in the board room. This was a celebration of heritage as much as brand and product. We elevated Mikesell’s to telegraph premium ingredients and developed a new design architecture to simplify shopability of their products.

Client: Mikesell’s Potato Chip Co.


Mikesell’s created a new snack with health-conscious appeal and great corn-based flavor, and they asked us to build the brand that would introduce it to the world. Wanting to distance the new product from Mikesell’s heritage, we developed a package with rich textures and a simplicity that suits the premium healthy snack category.