Burgers, Shakes and Fries, Oh My!

Deskey’s relationship with Steak ’n Shake began with coupons — good old-fashioned paper coupons stuffed into Sunday papers. Every couple of weeks, our team created print-ready art files for hundreds of coupon layouts, always working with our client to optimize design and the production process with each layout. They liked what we brought to the table and ordered more.

Over the next many years, our relationship with Steak ’n Shake grew into a partnership that worked more like an extension of their marketing team. We touched base daily, building efficiencies where it made sense and stretching when it was necessary. Our work evolved to include the design and print production files for all in-store marketing materials from drive-thru and counter menus to gift cards, window clings and placemats. We designed and executed digital templates for email, mobile and website campaigns and created packaging for canned and frozen foods. We even threw our aprons into the ring for special projects like the Steak ’n Shake IndyCar promotion.

Then there were the burgers, shakes and fries. We elevated Steak ’n Shake’s food photography to mouthwatering heights by identifying a local award-worthy studio and managing quarterly menu and promotional shoots. Same-store sales stacked up.

We’ve built a core team at Deskey that understands branding and marketing in the quick-service restaurant category. We know that your business moves fast, so we move fast with you, almost reflexively — each knowing from experience what the others are doing — because we’ve been there. We’ve delivered menus that changed overnight and then twice again the next day with the nimbleness, original thinking and creative energy that these industry challenges call for. And we’ll do it again. That’s the front-of-house service we bring to every client on every project every time.

Client: Steak ’n Shake