Selling a Better Self from the Shelf

There are many triggers to engagement with health and beauty: age, social status, health issues both current and preventative. The challenge is not only to spur trial, but also to bring product cocktailing to regimen — to be the go-to in the consumer’s health and beauty routine.

With so much medical information (and misinformation) across all media, consumers are doing their own research and taking charge of their own healthcare. Nevertheless, we still rely on the package to close the sale, whether it’s on the shelf or online.

Packaging needs to cut through the clutter while instantly communicating relevancy and positioning the product for trust and efficacy. To succeed, a brand has to strike a delicate balance between an alluring package and benefits. While the FDA limits what can be claimed, a strong brand attitude can stand out with the unspoken power of design and still deliver against ever-increasing compliance standards.

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