Empowering Parents to Help Babies

For decades, Cincinnati’s infant mortality rate had been double the national average. Hamilton County had spent $10 million over 10 years to bring the rate down, with no results.

So leaders from the political, community and medical arenas formed a collaborative. As consultants, we knew that real change depended on uniting around a single agenda. And it needed to be something that could connect and rally diverse audiences throughout the city.

We built Cradle Cincinnati on a brand foundation of shared responsibility, using the Collective Impact model to evangelize everyone supporting the effort. We championed Cincinnati as an inclusive, nurturing community dedicated to the health and safety of every baby, every day.

We directed Cradle to combine resources to help educate, empower and motivate the moms and dads of our city through three initiatives.

Watch our safe sleep video.

Client: Cradle Cincinnati

Stop Smoking Campaign

Smoking during pregnancy is a key factor in infant mortality, and we had to reach at-risk women more effectively than other anti-smoking ads. Our research found that these women are stronger than anyone knew, so we paralleled this strength to our town’s Queen City moniker. The campaign came to life via billboards, social media, a radio transit recording and a health clinic waiting room.

*reported to and verified by the Ohio Department of Health and Office of Vital Statistics

Spacing Campaign

Helping parents understand the importance of waiting a year between pregnancies (known as “spacing”) is a challenge when they know of healthy children born within a 12-month window. Strategically placed print and outdoor elements brought the issue to light, as did a dramatic and uplifting video.

Safe Sleep Campaign

The dangers of improper sleep cross cultural and socioeconomic boundaries, but in targeting populations that suffer higher infant mortality rates, we placed print where it would get the most exposure, including public transportation. We also created a video of powerful testimonials from all walks of life.