Relax, Re-Power, Rely on One Another

Black women have a higher risk of experiencing infant death than any other ethnicity due to chronic stress and the effects of racism. So Cradle Cincinnati came up with a community initiative that would bring Black women together to combat issues unique to their lives during and after pregnancy. 

When Cradle Cincinnati came to us with their idea for the group, they wanted help developing a brand identity and messaging. The more we immersed ourselves with this group of powerful, feminine, maternal Black women, the more we realized that it needed to be more than a brand. It needed to be a movement with compelling messaging and a clear strategy for activation. 

We named the group Queens Village, inspired by Black women’s strength and maternal bonds in both African tribes and their hometown of Cincinnati (nicknamed the Queen City). The movement had to be authentic, relatable and exclusive to Black women, so we collaborated with Black moms in the community to create a visual vocabulary through mood-board exercises and candid, “really real” conversations.

We brought Queens Village to life with a vibrant, expressive logo, visual identity and messaging that all the women could get behind. Activation conveyed the brand’s distinctive identity across journals, parade signs, posters, invitations, tote bags and a customizable social media kit. The signature piece was a branded fabric we designed for headwraps that Queens could wear proudly and use as a rallying cry to other Black moms — walking billboards. 

The resulting brand brought powerful Black moms to the head of the conversation. Executed in a refined, feminine manner with an emphasis on the headwrap — colorful, vibrant, hopeful — the Queens Village identity strikes a perfect balance between strength and femininity. 

Client: Cradle Cincinnati