Parents and Babies

Oh, the Brands You’ll Know!

Parenthood changes everything. This is a highly receptive moment of transition. For today’s new parent, design is cost of entry — being smart and hip is in; pastels and branded characters are out. Goods are made to appeal more to mom and dad than baby. And rather than keeping their baby at home, these parents are integrating the little one into their pre-baby lifestyle.

Ultimately, mom and dad’s consumer decisions are emotionally led, and the impressions these choices make on their baby can become hard-wired. The look, feel, smell, taste and even tone of a product can stick through childhood and carry over into adulthood (like the way the laundry detergent your mom was loyal to will always be the smell of “clean” to you). These brands become part of the family, even earning an emotional status as something trusted and loved.

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Cradle Cincinnati

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