Regular Changes Keep Things Fresh

Savvy second-time moms know where to compromise, and where not to. They’ve found that cheaper doesn’t always work. When it comes to diapers, name-brand product quality is better than generic brands — this firsthand experience is what they trust. And while Gen Y moms don’t want to pay extra for licensed characters, they do want a cool design. As far as she’s concerned, value shouldn’t look cheap or perform cheaply.

We’ve been working with Luvs since it was born in the 1970s, and we’ve provided a valuable service by continually reinvigorating the brand to keep it relevant with an evergreen consumer. Having nurtured the brand from the start, we have an intimate understanding of how it occupies a niche between premium brands and less expensive alternatives. And we work its evolution so that, although moms will change over the generations, Luvs moms will pass this brand loyalty on to their children.

Client: Procter & Gamble

We helped Luvs celebrate new technology with upgraded packaging that included custom illustrated monkeys.