Pets and Their People

Picking Up the Scent of Subtleties

Our pets are a reflection of our values and intent. They make us better humans. They keep us grounded and real. The animals in our lives fill an emotional place, teach responsibility and are part of the family.

But not all relationships are the same. Cats are not dogs. Toy dogs are not sporting dogs. There are nuances in our relationships, as well as universal truths. Grasping the pet and owner relationship and underlying values allows us to tap into subconscious design cues that help better connect pet brands with their owners.

Pet owners are navigating an increasingly complex world. Post-2009 pet food scares, awareness of ingredients and demands for transparency are new key drivers for our pet parents. Expanded shopping opportunities — from online to subscription, from traditional FDM to pet specialty stores — are creating a fragmented reality. By understanding the real human-animal dynamic, we help simplify the shopping experience, cutting through the clutter to create impactful pet brands.

We recently conducted a proprietary study with in-home visits, vet discussions, and over 100 online surveys of pet owners to understand their thinking and behaviors around their pets. For more information, contact our Director of New Business Carolyn Fields.

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