Evolving the Architecture

Traditionally, Iams had followed a life stage model, but this structure didn’t allow for growth. We worked with them to explore expanding the architecture to appeal to a more diverse set of target audiences. We shepherded the change to a consumer-led architecture.

Client: Procter & Gamble


We developed an insight around the “treat” moment — of harnessing the wonderfully expressive and emotive dog face
that we attribute to elation at treat time.

Sporting 29/18

They’re thought of as investments. Hunting dogs are cared for as top-notch tools of the trade, as premium-grade equipment. This is innovation exploration looking to sell in through new channels and appeal to the needs of a targeted user.


The vet category was demanding a higher level of design. This is an instance of a significant influencer in a space calling for more efficaciousness, providing a scientific approach to balance the general market brand.


We noted that ownership of small dogs in the United States had almost doubled since 1999, from 12 to 21 million. So we conceived an innovation exploration to see if there was a broader market to appeal to small dog owners.