Brilliant to the Core

TILT ranks sustainability above all else, so their dream is that the TILT LED light panel is the last you will ever have to buy. Now that’s sustainable.

In addition to the typical sustainable benefits from LED, TILT uses a driver to convert standard AC power to a safer 24-volt DC power. The result: the highest quality LED with the lowest energy draw. 

That being said, people do not shop for lighting on sustainability alone. Lighting is something you have to live with every day. As a result, Deskey’s strategy took the brand to a more emotional place. We built upon a higher-order end benefit: magical lighting as pure as the sun. White, clean, fresh sunlight. That’s the core driver, and that’s what the brand delivers on.

We created everything TILT needs to shine: logo, website, packaging, sales aids and technical brochures.

Client: Lauren Illumination, Inc.