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Josh Wolfer Promoted to Senior Brand Strategist

Deskey is pleased to announce the promotion of Josh Wolfer to Senior Brand Strategist. Josh interned with Deskey while in college at Ohio University, and a few months after he graduated, we received an email with the subject line “former intern turned eager applicant.” Seven years later, we’re pretty sure we made the right choice. ...

Christy Hannegan Promoted to Director of Operations

Deskey is very happy to announce the promotion of Christy Hannegan, an eight-year company veteran, to the position of Director of Operations. Christy continues to manage the agency’s day-to-day operations, and in her new role is focused on designing and growing people programs, processes and systems. ...

Green New World or Business as Usual?

By Doug Studer, Galvanizer, Lifelong Learner, Thoreauvian Naturalist ...


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