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Hadley Savoldi Joins Deskey as Client Manager

We are delighted to welcome Hadley Savoldi to our Client Services team. As Client Manager, Hadley is the liaison between our agency and partners. Her role is to build on strong client relationships and collaborate with internal teams to deliver strategy and design that not only convey a brand’s promise but also exceed its business goals....

Be You, Be Collaborative

No question that collaboration in the workplace looks different from pre-coronavirus days. Gone for now are morning huddles around the coffee pot, all-company meetings in the conference room and spontaneous-turned-serendipitous chats in the elevator. Nowadays, collaboration looks like Zoom meetings, text messages, group chats and long-form emails — and never has it been more vital. In this Be You series post, we’re talking about the significance of collaboration as we continue to work as one...

How Can Sharks Keep You Healthier?

By Doug Studer, CEO and Biomimicry 3.8 Specialist, Deskey Branding...


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